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Most employees do not understand what their benefits are nor do they appreciate how much their employers are paying for them. According to Brooks C. Holtom, former Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at Marquette University, the average employer will spend 41 cents for benefits for every dollar of payroll. On average, that's 29 percent of the total employee compensation package. Research reported in the journal Personnel Psychology suggests that employees only understand and appreciate between 31 and 68 percent of the cost or market value of the benefits they receive.

Ebix is committed to helping you make sure that every benefit dollar spent is understood and appreciated.

Total Rewards statements help employees understand and appreciate their benefits. They show employees the real value of their pay and benefits package. This can lead to improved morale and reduced demands for higher wages and benefits. Total Rewards statements are a great morale builder when benefits must be reduced. And when the economy turns around, Total Rewards statements are a great recruiting tool.

Now you can produce your own high-impact, professional quality, personalized employee Total Rewards statements right from your office using your own personal computer and printer with Fringe Facts Communicator.

Fringe Facts Communicator is an affordable employee benefit communications software system that produces personalized benefit statements for employees. Fringe Facts benefit statements show a summary of the employee's employer paid benefits. The costs to the employer for these benefits can be presented in an easy to understand table with supporting pie charts and benefit explanations.

When employees see the total value of their "Hidden Paycheck" it often leads to improved morale, reduced turnover, and increased productivity. When turnover is reduced, the costs to recruit, hire and train replacements are lower. That translates to greater profitability.

Fringe Facts Communicator is the perfect solution for small to mid-size organizations that want a powerful but easy to use benefit statement program. Larger organizations with more complex benefits will find that Fringe Facts greatly simplifies the process of presenting their employer paid benefits.

Fringe Facts Communicator is the right solution for any organization that wants to communicate employer paid benefits. Ebix works with thousands of employers, insurance agents and brokers, third party administrators and benefit consultants across the United States and Canada.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience producing personalized employee benefit statements. We have been in the employee benefit communication business since 1979 and our dedicated technical support and professional services team stands ready to help you accomplish this critical communication project.

Employers: If you are an employer, find out how you can use Fringe Facts Communicator software to produce traditional paper benefit statements. Click here and we will give you a quick tour of the benefit statement process.

Agents/Brokers/TPAs:If you provide products or services to employer groups, click here to see how Fringe Facts Communicator will help you better serve your clients and grow your business.

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